WheelCharity™ Wheelchair Team Building


WheelCharity Wheelchair Team BuildingWhy not demand more from your next group event?  There are team building workshops. There are charity events.  You can have BOTH when you book Magnovo’s WheelCharity™ Wheelchair Team Building workshop.

Our wheelchair team building workshop allows your team to develops skills while they build a stronger community – a workshop that pays off in more ways than one!

Wheelcharity-Wheelchair-Team-Building-Group-With-WheelchairsEveryone Deserves Mobility!

Did you know that wheelchairs are often prohibitively expensive for people who desperately need them?  In this workshop, the wheelchairs assembled by the teams go to local charities who distribute them, fulfilling a real need in the local community.

Meanwhile, they’re building workplace skills!

How can so much happen in just two-and-a-half hours?

The action never lets up as participants move from one activity to another, each designed to lead them closer to their goal. By the end of the day, they’ve got real, tangible skills improvement to take back to the office with them.  They’ve also forged some genuine connections with the local community through the charitable aspect of this workshop.

Fun Team Building Activities That Build Skills

The magic happens behind the scenes with our workshop designers.  They are endowed with decades of experience as well as incredible creativity.  When it comes to putting these modules together for our clients,  they know exactly which hands-on activities will bring participants together in an engaging way, while imparting important lessons about team building.

In WheelCharity, these lessons include vital skills for the workplace like:

  • advanced communication
  • problem solving
  • seeing the big picture

Our Proven Formula for Better Teamwork

WheelCharity relies on two solid training principles : the power of coming together to do good things, and a proven method to ensure that learning takes place amidst all the fun and games.

wheelchair team buildingOur four-step process means your goals get met:

  • Challenge
  • Activity
  • Debrief
  • Transfer

The first two steps are easy to spot during a typical workshop: activities present challenges to teams, who collaborate to overcome obstacles.  The “debrief” session is led by our professional facilitator, who asks participants to reflect on their team performance.

This reflection and self-assessment is what leads to the “transfer” phase of our workshops, where skills become ingrained and can be put to use in a wide variety of scenarios – including back at the office!

Schedule a WheelCharity Team Building Workshop and watch your group discover hidden talents as they work together for a good cause. We can customize WheelCharity to fit your schedule, or to benefit any charity you prefer. Call today!

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