Wagon Builders™ Charity Team Building Workshop


Build a wagon and build hope for your community- it’s all in a day’s work with our Wagon Builders Charity Team Building Workshop!

Wagon-Builders-Charity-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoAnyone who remembers those little red wagons from childhood will appreciate the symbolism at work in our Wagon Builders workshop.  It’s hope for local families to create a childhood filled with good memories.  At the same time, it’s celebrating the connections made by your team in your community.

Break Down Silos as You Build Team Skills

Interactive workshop activities combine to present your team with a series of challenges based around both friendly competition and solid collaboration.  Teams learn that barriers must be broken down in order to tap the group’s strengths. Coming together to overcome those obstacles, teamwork skills get a great big boost!

Aligning with colleagues is important in order to succeed at Wagon Builders challenges, and this skill is easily transferred to the office environment.

wagon building team workshopTeam Members Collaborate and Join Their Diverse Skills Together to Earn Wagon Parts

Our facilitators don’t just give wagon parts to teams for assembly…groups have to earn them!  Each activity blends challenge with working together for the common goal.  And it’s exactly that charitable goal that drives the group energy forward to success.

We’ve seen over and over again how the charitable aspect of this workshop actually strengthens the team building component.  The goal of giving simply drives participants to work harder on their teamwork challenges, building skills they’ll take back to the office with the – relevant skills that make them more productive even long after the workshop has ended.

wagon-toysWho knew building wagons could result in so much?

Business applications for the skills strengthened in the Wagon Builders Charity Team Building Workshop include:

  • communication
  • morale improvement
  • creative thinking
  • management of limited resources
  • increased productivity

Don’t forget: Your team will be furthering the mission of your company’s corporate social responsibility in a very big way.  Those little red wagons aren’t donated to just any family. They’re donated through recognized charitable organizations who help local families through the challenges they meet in every day life.

Wagons are filled with anything and everything, and can be matched to the theme of the workshop.  For example, during the Holidays we’d fill the wagons with gift item for families who are too strapped for funds to afford gifts.  Traditionally, the wagons contain necessary household items for families.  In Spring, groups celebrate gardening by filling wagons with garden tools and seeds for families who want to plant a food garden.

The sky’s the limit with the creative ideas!  Call us today to book your own Wagon Builders workshop.

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