Rescue Buddies™ Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop



Helping First Responders By Donating Stuffed Animals for Children in Distress

Want to build team skills in a way that engages your group and gets them excited about teamwork?  Boost productivity and improve important workplace skills as you give back to the community with a Rescue Buddies Charity Team Building Workshop.

It’s hands-on problem solving where the impact of individual roles plays a big role in team success.  Wouldn’t you love for your group to be able to focus on the big picture while recognizing the diverse talents brought to the table by each team player?  That’s what our Rescue Buddies workshop is all about.

Rescue-Buddies-Stuffed-Animal-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoSupporting Your Local Community Through Workshop Donations

In Rescue Buddies, teams work through a fun yet challenging series of activities where they collaborate and compete to earn items they’ll need to assemble their stuffed animal packages.  These Buddies play a vital role in crisis situations involving kids.  Police officers, fire fighters, and EMT worker often carry stuffed animals in their vehicles.  They give them to kids who’ve experienced trauma.  Seems the animals lend a calming effect on kids, who often appreciate something to hold and focus upon when crisis is happening all around them.

RescueBuddiesMaking Lasting Connections with the Local Community

If you ask our past clients what made the Rescue Buddies workshop so memorable, it would probably be the final ceremony.  We call it the “donation ceremony,” where a representative of the receiving charitable organization visits the workshop location to receive the donations.  For Rescue Buddies, it’s often a police officer or a firefighter.  They’ll usually share a personal story of how a Rescue Buddy made a difference for a child they were attending on the job.

Interactive Skill Building Activities That Foster Teamwork

While your team is busy keeping a focus on meeting their challenges and assembling their Rescue Buddies, our facilitators are busy making sure team building skills are not overlooked.  It’s easy when each activity is designed for the dual role of engaging participants and building important skills!  Your group will be fully engaged as we break out of the traditional classroom workshop mode and get totally hands-on for some good charitable work as well as solid team building work.

If you’d like to schedule a Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Team Building workshop, call us now and we’ll get started putting together a great workshop just for your group.
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