Redwood City Company Leaders Get Involved in Hilarious Team Building Activities

Team building activities get a great shot in the arm when leaders get involved.  That’s because one of the most common recommendations for fostering great teamwork is for leaders to show how it’s done.  Leading by example works for so many things in life- so of course it makes sense in business, too.

A group from Relypsa got together at the Sofitel Hotel San Francisco last month and personally witnessed this concept in action.  A late start meant less time for icebreakers, and one team out of four wasn’t feeling the energy.

But as usual, positive energy is highly contagious and when teams come together to work towards a common goal it’s hard not to feel the pull of those team building activities!  One of our most successful activities of all time is “Commercials”, which draws upon team communication, collaboration, and other important skills.

Bicycle-Team-Building-Events-Rotator-1Score one for team building activities!

Surprisingly, the team made up of Relypsa VPs had the highest energy of all four teams.  Their commercial was put together under the most impressive of circumstances, with leaders showing strong collaborative techniques and very few barriers to communication.  Their commercial had them jumping around the room, dancing and singing.  It was great for the group to see, especially one group which faced the challenge of having one overwhelmingly negative participant.

In the end, leading by example worked and even the challenged group was able to produce an extremely creative commercial that had the room laughing and applauding other teams’ work.

 Team building activities that work for everyone.

“Commercials” was a hands-on high energy activity that called upon teams to use their teamwork skills.  They overcame disunity, fear, and other barriers to communication, and with a little help from their leaders, found success in the end.

That also worked for the handful of new team members who worked at different companies together before but started at Relypsa within the last month. They certainly felt like part of the team after the event!

 Bicycle building offers new challenges for team building.

One of the reasons the bicycle event is one of our best team building activities is that it always presents a new challenge.  For our Relypsa group, one team found new meaning for the word “collaboration” when they discovered their bicycle had a bent piece where the handlebars go in.  They tried everything to straighten it out without jeopardizing the integrity of the bike. Unfortunately it didn’t work but they adapted their perspectives and were able to see the bigger picture: overall, the entire group was able to do some great work together and donate some bicycles to charity.


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