Quintiles Leaders Build Bicycles During Leadership Training at the Museum

Bicycles, a world-class museum, and leadership training… all the ingredients for a perfect day with Quintiles!

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We’re not sure which part of this combo workshop we’re more excited to share with you- the leadership training, the excellent location, or the way the Quintiles team came together to build bicycles for local kids! Let’s start with the kids.

Kids From Urban Hope Got Their Bikes

In most of our bicycle workshops, we always have a grand finale event that everyone seems to love. Once bicycles are built, we have a group of kids come in to receive them. This is courtesy of the charitable organization we’ve partnered up with to make it possible. It never fails to bring home to workshop participants the real connections they’re making by sending donations out into the local community.

Plus, meeting the kids and seeing their faces when they pick up their bikes is priceless! We are often told it’s the most memorable part of our bicycle building workshops.

While we’d love to hear that the team building lessons are highly memorable too, we’re glad to help facilitate connections like that!

The Museum of Life + Science

For the Quintiles workshop, these kids must have been especially excited to pick up their bikes because of location. The four-day leadership academy was held at the Museum of Life + Science in Durham, NC.

A wonder-filled museum filled with incredible indoor and outdoor spaces for discovery, it’s the perfect spot to hold a bicycle-building event as well as a leadership academy. Quintiles did both!

We all found it to be the most inspiring location, both for the charity portion and for the leadership training we did there this summer.

“Disrupt IT and IT Leaders’ Roles in Leading our Enterprise in the Digital Era”

Whew – that’s quite a mouthful! But it made for a powerful theme for Quintiles leadership academy. It was also one we were happy to weave into our leadership training we did for them.

The inspiring environment at the Museum of Life + Science helped everyone to imagine new and better leadership roles. As we made our way through the interactive modules during our leadership training, one thing became clear. The Quintiles group was very positive and open to change.

The Quintiles team successfully completed two hours of leadership training. That was followed by the bicycle-building portion of their event, and the final donation ceremony topped things off beautifully. The team was ready to return to work, refreshed and ready to try new roles and to “Disrupt IT”!

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