Medtronic Shows Magnovo Maximum, Mad Team Building Skills!

For a college-age group from Medtronic, team building was a definite cinch.  With little time for setup but lots of inspiration from a wonderfully big, roomy workshop space, our Magnovo workshop facilitator was in for a surprise when she witnessed the sheer, awesome power of “connectedness” and the effect it has on teamwork skills.

Teamwork is about being connected.

Case in point: one of the icebreaker activities for the Medtronic “Bicycle Building Team Building Workshop” this past month was “Mirror Mirror.”  For this fun classic, groups are partnered off and asked to draw numbers one through 12 in the air – one partner mirrors the other and they try and guess what’s being outlined in the “mirror.”

Bicycle-Team-Building-Events-Rotator-3One pair of attendees demonstrated amazing skills with this activity and finished first each time.

Their secret?   The two girls not only worked side-by-side but also lived together.  Talk about in sync, in touch, and in the right teamwork groove!

“…it’s all about knowing how to read each other.”  – Cyndi Po, Magnovo Workshop Facilitator

Advanced teamwork skills involve collaboration, too.

The second icebreaker activity was called “Thirteen Colonies”.  Of course with college-age participants this was a great hit, especially after the questions were tailored to match the interests of this particular age group.

All participants were attentive and the volume of laughter and silliness in the room demonstrated the positive atmosphere and cooperative spirit of the groups.

But this was only a precursor to the main activity of the day: building bicycles for the local Boys and Girls Club.  Groups who answered questions correctly earned bicycle boxes and the tools to put them together.

Teams worked well together – so well in fact that those who finished first took the initiative and helped other participants finish their bikes on time.  Great group effort!

Talk about initiative – one of the interns from Medtronic took it upon herself to create wonderful hand-made bags containing fun items for the kids.  It really showed what a great group this was, and how team building can always be taken further than just basic communication – it means collaboration and initiative as well!

Great workshop – even better ending.

Carlos, the representative from the Boys & Girls Club, brought the kids in for a final ceremony for the donation part of the workshop.  One child had a birthday that day so the moment was even more special for everyone.  It just goes to show what groups are capable of when they master the art of team building – great job, Medtronic!

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