Lawyers Building Bikes for Richmond Kids- We Love the Season of Giving!

Starting somewhere in November of every year, team building activities in Richmond really start to get going.

It’s the beginning of the Season of Giving, and companies across the country really put their philanthropic missions on overdrive.

Lawyers Building Bikes for Richmond Kids- We Love the Season of Giving

Giving to kids during the holiday season is a favorite way to give back, and that’s just what the group from Kalbaugh Pfund & Messersmith had in mind.  They approached us with a charitable mission in mind, and we suggested our most popular team building activity: Bike-A-Thon™.

Choose your charity- we love it when teams go local!

This group of lawyers had first chosen the local chapter of the Boys & Girls Club to receive the bicycles. Unfortunately that fell through so another group was lined up.  A church school in Richmond was happy to step in to receive bikes for their kids!

We’ve had groups donate to national organizations in our other charity workshops in Richmond, but with Bike-A-Thon™ it’s pretty important to find a local group to receive the bikes.

That’s because the grand finale of every Bike-A-Thon™ is the donation ceremony!  That’s when the actual kids arrive and they’re presented with their bicycles.  Never have we seen this activity fail to touch everyone’s hearts.

Keep an eye on the prize…

No matter charitable organization you choose for your team building donations, it’s a great way to share your good fortune with others.  Charity workshops are at time for co-workers to leave everything behind for a few hours, too.

It’s a reward for the participants, too.  This group from Kalbaugh Pfund & Messersmith consisted of lawyers who had trouble leaving the office behind because of important cases calling their names.

But like we said, workshops are a chance to leave that behind and give the brain a break.  Chances are, when you go back to your office after a charity team building event, you’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle anything.

The “commercials” activity really got things going.

Our famous “commercials” activity has the group divide into teams.  Each team creates a TV commercial, then performs it in front of the other groups, who “judge” the performances.  Since this was a collection of lawyers, they naturally couldn’t resist pulling out all the stops.

They had lots of fun “judging” one another- probably that’s a characteristic of this group’s collective personality.  It helped them come together and when it came time to build the bicycles their teamwork skills were ready for action.


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