IT Leaders From Verizon Enjoy Bike-A-Thon™ Amidst Big News

Verizon gathered its IT and other leaders at headquarters in Tampa to deliver some big news about internal structure changes they’d be rolling out very soon.  It was three days of meetings and training and let’s just say it was a little… intense.

IT Leaders From Verizon Enjoy Bike-A-Thon™ Amidst Big News

So they hired us to lighten the mood and jostle the brains of conference participants.  After all, they were stuck in a lot of meetings taking in all the details of upcoming corporate change.  An interactive workshop perfectly balanced everything they were experiencing and taking in.


It Was Three Days of Meetings

Our 27 IT leaders from Verizon had three days of these intense meetings to look forward to, so kicking off the event with our Bike-A-Thon™ charity workshop started it all out on a positive note.  After all, internal structural change is not an easy road to follow.  We know, because we help lots of our clients navigate the turbulent waters of corporate change with our team building workshops.

But on this beautiful Spring day in Tampa, it was all about relieving the pressure of what was to come: three days of listening with barely any opportunities for expressing or discussing.  All input and no output!

But in Bike-A-Thon™ it’s mostly output, as it’s an interactive, hands-on workshop designed to get people communicating and collaborating in fresh, new ways that inspire positive change back at the office.


We Love to Challenge Our Teams, But They Have Fun Anyway!

We often get hired to help groups have fun during breakout sessions at conferences, or to break up long meetings and get the blood flowing or the creative juices moving again.  But no matter why we get hired, we always instill team building lessons in everything we do.

That means there’s always a challenge that encourages participants to stretch their communication skills, their collaborative efforts, or other relevant workplace skills that can make a difference back at the office.

Nevertheless, our workshops are completely engaging, and dare we say it: fun!  Proof is in the pudding: our workshop leader overheard a participant telling his colleagues he’s had a lot of fun that day.  He’s also had two other workshops in the past which weren’t as much fun.

Again, although our prime motive isn’t to “have fun” in our team building and charity workshops, it’s always good to know that we can have fun while learning and growing, too.

Bikes were donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Tampa.

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