High Energy Learning with Merz Pharmaceuticals

This workshop was designed to help the Merz Pharmaceuticals Customer Service team get better acquainted, work together as a team, and receive an energy boost prior to a big relocation effort.

We held the workshop in Raleigh, NC and 24 members of the Merz Pharmaceuticals Customer Service Team had a great time assembling bikes for the Wake Forest Boys and Girls Club.

merz pharmaceuticalsHelping Merz Pharmaceuticals  Navigate Change

Merz Pharmaceuticals was set to make a lot of changes in their customer service department and they wanted an energizing workshop to usher in what amounted to a new era. Their management team wanted us to help some new faces get acquainted, as well as prime them to move into a new facility.

They were a lively and competitive group, one that came in with a firm set of goals they needed to accomplish. Fortunately, we’re goal oriented ourselves, and it makes our job just that much easier when a client knows what they need when they approach us for an event.

Competition Made For Intense Learning. And Bikes.

After a few mini warm-up games like Say What, Circuit Ball, and Air Count, we launched the eager Merz Team into the Scavenger Hunt activity. This is a phase of the Bike-A-Thon when the team secures the actual parts they need for the bikes before actually assembling them.

Strangely enough, the Scavenger Hunt phase proved to be the most competitive part of the entire workshop. It amounted to 4 teams working like mad to track down the different parts they needed. They were engaged and clearly had a great time, but beneath the fun surface, our facilitators saw a lot of growth and teamwork going on as well.

Although the end result– new bikes for the Boys and Girls Club in this case– is a very important part of our workshops, we also have an obligation to help clients build important skills along the way. With a lot of help from the Merz team, we were able to accomplish these goals to everyone’s satisfaction.

A Successful Workshop on All Fronts

By the time the workshop came to a close, our facilitators had a chance to talk with the Merz management team, who expressed complete satisfaction with the progress their Customer Service team made. It never stops feeling good to hear that we’ve helped put a department on the path to success.

Just as importantly, the Wake Forest Boys and Girls Club received 4 great bikes out of the deal and the Merz people left feeling as happy as we did.

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