5 Reasons Why this Bike-A-Thon Team Building Workshop in Park City UT Was Perfect in Every Way

Great weather, an Olympic village, and an incredible resort…there you have the first three reasons why this team building workshop was perfect.

The other two reasons?  Great group and a great cause!

5 Reasons Why this Bike-A-Thon Team Building Workshop in Park City UT was Perfect in Every Way

The group was from GE Healthcare OEC, and they arrived with positive attitudes, great spirit, and lots of energy for team building and building bikes too.

GE Healthcare OE Donates 18 Bikes to Charity

The cause was Free Bikes for Kids Charity, which gives donated bikes to kids who need them.  The GE Healthcare OE group took advantage of the beautiful weather both days in Park City, Utah and we held their bike build outdoors.

In case you forgot, Park City, UT was the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics.  We were so happy to build our bicycles outdoors in such a lovely town.  It gave an incredible backdrop to the amazing Deer Valley Resort, who hosted the bike build and did a great job.

We had about 150 people for each bike build session and the entire group impressed us all by assembling 18 bikes for their chosen cause.

Exceeding expectations…it’s what we do!

The GE Healthcare OE group was very happy with our Bike-A-Thon team building workshop in Park City.  We were happy to exceed their expectations and they were thrilled to enjoy a fun yet challenging event as they built bikes for kids.

Maybe one reason for our great time with GE Healthcare was the fact that with all our workshops, we don’t forget about the team building aspects even though we’re all focused on assembling bicycles.

For example, teams must earn their bicycle parts and tools.  They do this by demonstrating through interactive problem-solving activities their best teamwork skills…communication, collaboration, big picture thinking, and more.

After all, it wouldn’t be much fun if there weren’t a healthy bit of challenge involved!  We just make sure the challenges are actually helping teams to focus on relevant skills for the workplace.

If performance on a bicycle building workshop is any indication, this group must be on fire when it comes to getting things done at work!  The even exceeded their own expectations by getting through so many bicycles on time and completing the activities so successfully.

It just goes to show you can have it all: team building, charity work, and a fun day out of the office bonding with colleagues.  Way to go, guys!

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