Bicycle Team Building Events


Bicycle team building is far from new, but it’s still one of the hottest charity team building events, and with good reason!

Bicycle-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoWhen you see executives working together with their employees to build bikes knowing that they will go to deserving children – it’s pretty impactful!  Whether your group works together for the same company or represents different businesses, they will benefit from taking a light-hearted look at personality styles through bicycle team building events.


Bicycle Team Building Workshops will help your team appreciate the differences each team member brings to a group. This is what a bike build charity event is all about – putting principles into action so your team gains an awareness of behaviors that connects back to the workplace.

Turn an ordinary meeting into a fun and engaging team building event!

Your team building event will be customized to meet your goals, and some of the topics covered include:

      • Creative Problem Solving
      • Team Member Strengths
      • Clear Communication
      • Healthy Competition
      • Fun in the Workplace

Bicycle-Team-Building-Events-Huge-GroupFor enhanced team performance – or pure enjoyment.

Incorporate all these aspects while each team earns parts and tools to build brand new bikes for kids in the local community. We’ll show your team how to navigate through problem solving to get where they want to go. The conclusion to the Bike-A-ThonTM is the realization that each component of a team is critical to its overall success and that we accomplish more when we resolve issues together.

Bicycle-Team-Building-Group-With-BikesCreate significant positive change in your community with a donation of brand new bikes to young children!

“Thank you, thank you for a wonderful experience for our kids last week with the bike project! It meant so much to every family! Thank you for making the kids feel so welcome and special. It was an awesome experience. We look forward to working with you again!” T.M. Boys & Girls Club